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Medieval Sprite Pack

Published: 15 Feb 2020
by SpriteLand

With over 150 sprites, the Medieval Sprite Pack gives you all high quality animated sprites you need to make a great game. Battle dragons, venture through epic landscapes, wield all kinds of weaponry, build your world... The pack includes a main character sprite, villains, bosses, animals, objects, backgrounds, tilesets and much more. With easy to implement PNG and GIF formats, you will be underway very quickly, so you can concentrate on building your game.

Medieval Sprite Pack - Tiger and Dragon Medieval Sprite Pack - main character sprite Medieval Sprite Pack - soldier sprites Medieval Sprite Pack - soldier sprites and giant sprite Medieval Sprite Pack - water and fire sprites Medieval Sprite Pack - wolf rider sprite pack


ONLY $9.95

File Format:  PNG strips and GIF animations

Download File Format:  ZIP

Secure payment with Sprite pack available for download immediately after payment. 

Pack Includes the following sprites:

  • Animals, Backgrounds, Bosses, Machinery, Main Character, Natural obstacles, Soliders, Spikes and traps, Tilesets

Full pack details:

  • Archer - Actions: Firing arrow, dying
  • Axe man - Actions: Dying, throwing weapon
  • Blade Warrior - Actions: Punching, dying, walking, using axes
  • Red Knight - Actions: Walking, swinging sword, dying
  • Bone archer - Actions: Firing arrow, dying
  • Bone Warrior - Actions: Attacking, walking, dying
  • Ghost Goblin - Actions: Walking, dying
  • Giant - Actions: Attacking, walking, dying, standing still
  • Guard - Actions: Attacking, guarding, dying
  • Crossbow Soldier - Actions: Walking, standing still, dying
  • Pike Soldier - Actions: Walking, attacking, dying
  • Dagger Man - Actions: Throwing weapon, dying
  • Blue Knight - Actions: Walking, attacking, dying
  • Boss Large Beast - Actions: Walking, walking with shield, attacking, dying
  • Boss Serpent King - Actions: Walking, extending arms, dying
  • Boss Ghost King - Actions: Charging with sword, throwing, dying
  • Boss Giant - Actions: Walking, attacking with mallet, dying
  • Boss High King - Actions: Disappearing, reappearing, using sword, throwing sword, walking, dying
  • Bear - Actions: Biting, running, dying
  • Dragon - Actions: Breathing fire, flying
  • Red Knight Horse Rider - Actions: Running, dying
  • Snake - Actions: Slivering, dying
  • Tiger - Actions: Biting, running, dying
  • Wolf - Actions: Biting, running, dying
  • Wolf Rider - Actions: running, dying
  • Bone Bow - Actions: firing arrow
  • Stone Cannon - Actions: Firing, destroyed
  • Chariot Prop - Actions: None
  • Small Wooden Boat - Actions: None
  • Rising Wooden Spikes - Actions: Spikes rising and falling
  • Wooden Mill Turbine - Actions: Turbine spinning
  • Falling Wooden Spikes - Actions: Spikes falling
  • Ground Mine - Actions: dormant, exploding
  • Chain Spike - Actions: Spike falling and rising
  • Log Spike - Actions: Spike falling and rising
  • Cave spike - Actions: Rubble falling from cave spike
  • Swinging Anchor - Actions: Anchor swinging from left to right
  • Timed Gate - Actions: Gate closing and opening
  • Main Character - Actions: Walking, firing arrows with bow, dying, punching, swinging sword, swinging sword variation, somersaulting, throwing weapon, climbing
  • Fire - Actions: falling fire, fire falling on oil, fire burning on ground, fire burning a log
  • Killer Plant - Actions: Attacking
  • Pod Plant - Actions: Shooting pod
  • Serpent from hole - Actions: Attacking
  • Water - Actions: Water flowing, toxic water
  • Background image (640x480 pixels) - Ruined city in daylight
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - Ruined city at night
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - City at sunset
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - City at sunrise
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - Forest
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - Lonely trees
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - Mountains
  • Background image (640x480 pixels)  - Arches
  • Tileset 1 (32 x 16 pixel tiles) - grass, stone bricks, flowers, plants
  • Tileset 2 (32 x 16 pixel tiles) - grass, hedges, stone walls, bricks, tiled flooring

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