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Handy way to find public domain images
Published: 28 Jan 2016 by SpriteLand

Some of you may have come across Wikimedia Commons. Its a great resource for freely useable images. However a lot of images are Creative Commons and require attribution, asking you to give credit to the owner, which is great... However, what if you want to find only public domain images, which don't need attribution?

Unfortunately, Wikimedia Commons doesn't allow you to filter by Public Domain images, but there is a handy trick using Google Image Search. By typing the following into the image search you can find some useful public domain images. Obviously replace "cat" with whatever you're searching for:

site: "public domain" cat

If you follow an image to its associated page you'll see that the majority of the time its a public domain image.

As you can see, it comes up with all sorts. Some good (some not so) but still its a handy one to add to your toolbox!

Useful tree sprite
Published: 30 March 2015 by SpriteLand

Check out this tree. Might be a useful addition to your backgrounds.

Pixel Perfect - New app from SpriteLand
Published: 26 Dec 2014 by SpriteLand

Pixel Perfect - Pixel Art Maker is a free drawing tool for creating your own pixel art and sprites.

Download it here. It will also be coming soon as an online app so check back soon for updates.

Free isometric tile sprites
Published: 22 Dec 2014 by SpriteLand

Need isometric tile sprites for your game:

Free isometric tile sprites

Hobbit style sprite released
Published: 20 Dec 2014 by SpriteLand

Begin the adventure with this Hobbit style sprite

Hobbit style character sprite

Winter Tree sprite pack
Published: 15 Dec 2014 by SpriteLand

Are you building a snow level in your game, and need a few trees laden with snow. Try this sprite pack:

Winter trees sprites

Inkscape video tutorial
Published: 19 Sept 2014 by SpriteLand

Learn how to draw a coffee cup in Inkscape with this new video tutorial:
Draw coffee cup in Inkscape video tutorial

Fiery mountain background
Published: 19 Aug 2014 by SpriteLand

Check out this free vector fire mountain background here.

Night-time vector background added
Published: 17 Aug 2014 by SpriteLand

Get the first of the free vector backgrounds here. Download either a PNG or SVG file. This background can be used in platform games.

Vector Action Sprites
Published: 19 March 2014 by SpriteLand

Look out for Vector Action Sprites! They are a new style of sprite developed by SpriteLand for use in your platform games. All sprites will have a Vector Action Sprite badge to show they are compatible with other sprites.


Medieval Sprite Pack Available
Published: 08 March 2014 by SpriteLand

Get the Medieval Sprite Pack now! It includes a main character, animals, villains, backgrounds, objects and more.

Animated SVG - Traffic Lights
Published: 02 March 2014 by SpriteLand

Animated SVG sprites are being developed. See this page for an example. These sprites are especially useful for preventing loss of quality when you resize your sprite.

Feeling hungry? Think again - new animation
Published: 18 Feb 2014 by SpriteLand

Check out this new animation:
Dinner Time Animation

New brick and stone backgrounds
Published: 04 Feb 2014 by SpriteLand

New brick and stone backgrounds have just been released. They are great tileable backgrounds for platform games.

Brick tileable tileset background

Ancient city in the desert background
Published: 03 Feb 2014 by SpriteLand

New ancient city in the desert background added. Great for platform games.


Spritemaker V0.2 Now Released
Published: 01 Feb 2014 by SpriteLand

 The latest version 0.2 of Spritemaker has been released. Character sprites can easily be created by changing the head of the character and changing his clothing colour.

SpriteMaker - Free tool for creating sprites

 Go to the download page for more info.

Powerful Spritemaking Tools
Published: 31 Jan 2014 by SpriteLand

A few nice new spritemaking tools are currently being developed. Be sure to sign-up on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates, or post your suggestions for tools you would like to see.




New volcano background added
Published: 11 Dec 2013 by SpriteLand

Check out this new volcano background. It will make a great backdrop for a game.

Festive Cheer - Christmas game
Published: 11 Dec 2013 by SpriteLand

With only 2 weeks to go until Christmas, why not play this Christmas game to help get you in the festive mood.

Santas Adventure

You play as Santa. Your aim is to deliver presents children around the world this Christmas time. Have fun! 

Celebrating 4 Years of SpriteLand
Published: 08 Dec 2013 by SpriteLand

To celebrate 4 Years of SpriteLand the website has undergone a completely new redesign. Explore the site and enjoy!!

Kryptal platform game
Published: 30 Dec 2010 by SpriteLand

SpriteLand announces the release of a brand new puzzle platform game, "Kryptal":

Kryptal Puzzle Platform Game

Stay tuned for developments on Kryptal. 

SpriteMaker tool released
Published: 18 Aug 2010 by SpriteLand

A new Sprite Maker tool has been released by SpriteLand. Create your own sprites quickly, easily and for free with this useful tool. The sprites are fully customizable, and you can export your sprite when you have finished creating. Download the Sprite Maker tool here.  

New animation section
Published: 18 Aug 2010 by SpriteLand

New animation section created. Watch this latest animation: when their homes are destroyed by a crazy beaver, a group of woodland animals seek the truth and go on a quest to find the culprit behind the devastation. Watch the animation here.

New sprite categories
Published: 08 July 2010 by SpriteLand

New sprite categories have been created with lots of new sprites available to download for free. The new categories include charactersanimalsobjects and backgrounds.

3 New Pixel Art Tutorials
Published: 02 June 2010 by SpriteLand

SpriteLand has created 3 new Pixel Art Tutorials. These tutorials are designed to help you create sprites more easily with a pixel art style. The tutorials can be found here. There are tutorials on drawing pixel artcreating pixel art lines and dithering with pixel art.

Female Character Sprite Pack released
Published: 25 April 2010 by SpriteLand

The release of a brand new sprite pack. This new sprite pack is designed for platform games, and contains a female character walking, standing and jumping. For full details click here.

Walk the Plank game released
Published: 06 April 2010 by SpriteLand

SpriteLand's latest game Walk the Plank has been released. Set in a world of deadly pirates and menacing sea creatures, Walk the Plank is a puzzle/word game, based upon the popular game, Hangman. You can download the game here

SpriteLand has been restructured
Published: 23 March 2010 by SpriteLand has been restructured. The website has undergone some layout changes and a brand new developer's section has been added. The developer's section is specially designed for game developers and graphic artists who requireresources or tutorials to aid them in creating good quality graphics. 

Galaxy Protection Squad comic
Published: 23 March 2010 by SpriteLand

The 'Galaxy Protection Squad' (G.P.S.) comic has just been released. It is a brand new comic revolving around the adventures of a galactic police force as they attempt to safeguard the galaxy. 
There are currently two episodes of G.P.S. though hopefully a new episode will be released every week. So check back regularly!

Walk the Plank game Announced
Published: 11 March 2010 by SpriteLand

A new game 'Walk the Plank' has just been announced. 'Walk the Plank' is based on the word game Hangman. Stay tuned for the release of this game in the next few weeks. 

A brand new game, 'Memory Test' has been released
Published: 22 Feb 2010 by SpriteLand

A brand new game, 'Memory Test' has been released. Test your brain power and memory in this puzzle game. Choose from 3 difficulty levels, and start improving your memory now. 

Game Section added
Published: 10 Dec 2009 by SpriteLand

Game Section added. Games available to play are Dragon Dive, The Castle and Santa's Adventure.

3 fully animated Sprite packs added and available for download. These include platform game character sprites. 3 new Medieval Sprite Packs will soon be available, so check back soon.

Medieval Sprite Packs Available
Published: 10 Dec 2009 by SpriteLand

3 Medieval Sprite Packs are now available. The packs contain medieval creatures such as dragons, wolves and giants.  The 'Medieval Sprite Pack I' features animated medieval soldiers, knights, bosses and other characters. The 'Medieval Sprite Pack II' contains animals and other dangerous obstacles like spikes and machinery. 

Whereas 'Medieval Sprite Pack III' includes a main character performing various actions  and also other natural elements(see image above).  You can buy these high quality Sprite Packs as a digital download. is officially launched!
Published: 09 Dec 2009 by SpriteLand

After much development, is officially launched!